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Tax credit "review" - any one else dealing with one ?

Tax credit "review" - any one else dealing with...

Client has received a request for a tax credit review , very indepth "review" for the period 6.4.11-30.6.11, not even a full 3 months (!) , they want us to send all original sales and expense invoices, original (!)V5 documents for all vehicles, original insurance documents (!), full details of any quotes, appointments, etc , 

I rang them and said if you are checking a claim surely a 12 month profit and loss check would be more practical as would tie up with the tax credit form, as how will the 3 month (or just short of 3 month) tell them anything ?

I also said I felt that their level of initial information gathering (basically emptying the clients filing cabinet !) was far greater than any revenue enquiry I had received in more recent years

I was told it was a pilot scheme (oh lucky me and clients) and that - they were not part of the revenue - ! strange as the letter was on HMRevenue and Customs headed paper !

So, do I really have to send original papers ? (especially worried re V5s and insurance docs disappearing into their admin void) was considering photocopies on these items- 

Still cannot see what they are going to achieve- has anyone else dealt with this "pilot scheme" or do we just have to accept this and send our package of papers off to them ?

Their ultimate threat is to remove all last years tax credit payments.


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09th Jun 2012 10:41

If they weren't part of the Revenue who were they?

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to whatdoyoumeanwashe
10th Jun 2012 14:43


I suppose I will have to go along with the pantomime of the "pilot scheme" - which will achieve nothing as it merely snapshots a 3 month period within a 

normal trading year so cannot even be reconciled to anything !

And I am going to send photocopies of V5's as for goodness sake how do they think our clients are going to create false documents !

Bureaucracy gone mad, and creating jobs ....


Thanks for looking anyway just thought I would see if anyone else received one of these 


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09th Jun 2012 12:47

Fee protection

Does your client have fee protection insurance and is it covered?

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to pauldonno
10th Jun 2012 14:45


Yes , fortunately with this being a relatively small client the paperwork will not be a great task to collate, just another annoying exercise to complete to

achieve nothing practical their end, but thats our lot it seems in todays accounting world !!

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09th Jun 2012 13:01


They are introducing new pilot schemes for auditing tax credits a year before the entire scheme is due to be abolished??  You couldn't make it up.  Shame they couldn't devote similar resources into encouraging all of those eligible people to claim who are not currently.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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13th Jun 2012 12:48


With them not being part of the Revenue I wouldn't give them a thing.. Mind boggling that they would do that.

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