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Tax credits deadline: local tax offices

Tax credits deadline: local tax offices

Does delivery have to be made to the Tax Credits Office to meet the deadline, or will delivery to local tax offices count?

(Question posted by Dan Hurst in Tax Credits Zone and now copied to Any Answers)
Andrew Goodall


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07th Jul 2003 14:15

Cost of missing the 7 July deadline
Malcolm, you are right and it is important to regard today as the deadline for ensuring that a full year's entitlement is obtained. See Tax Credit claims: get them in or lose out from today where I have just added a comment.

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04th Jul 2003 17:16

Appropriate office ...
Yes, see TCTM06100 where the Revenue confirms that a local IR enquiry centre is an "appropriate office" for the purpose of the claims regs in SI 2002/2014 (see reg 2, interpretation and reg 7 backdating).

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04th Jul 2003 18:58

Claiming online ...
BBC online reports this afternoon: "The Revenue suggests that people who have not already submitted a form should do so over the internet to ensure it gets there on time". See Tax credit deadline looms.

The Revenue's Tax Credits Online facility seemed to be working well yesterday.

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04th Jul 2003 20:34

Deadline extended to 7 July for backdating to 6 April
Glynis, thanks ... just to clarify for those who may have missed it, see Tax Credit deadline extended to 7 July.

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07th Jul 2003 10:36

Omly A Few Days Lost
I understand why the profession, and the public, are annoyed by the maximum 3 months' backdating of TC claims. (Ms Primarola was at her most annoying on Radio 5 this morning). Surely though we are instinctively treating the 5th, now 7th, July deadline as if it were the 31 January SA deadline when the fact of making a TC claim just after the 7th can only result in the loss of a day or two's tax credits rather than an automatic penalty. So for most clients this is £545 x ,say, 2/365 ie.£2.98.

Or perhaps I am missing something?

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