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Tax Credits Software

Tax Credits Software

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I have used the PTP tax credits planner for a number of years and like it but they roll out the new version so late.  Is the Kevin Salter planner available stand-alone, ie opther than as part of the 2020 tools package? 

Does anyone here use it?  If so, when in the tax year is it updated?

(please, don't comment that you can do your own on a spreadsheet, I am not interested in re-inventing the wheel).

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By Kevin Salter
01st Mar 2012 20:35

Tax credits

My package is available as a stand alone ..... it will be updated within the next two weeks and but will await the budget on 21 March before its release but will then be available via both 2020 and

Kevin Salter

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By James Hellyer
02nd Mar 2012 10:10

Other options

There are a few options out there.

Absolute offer an Excel based app too: 

And then at the more comprehensive end of the market, there is Deborah Lowndes 'tax Credits Team': 


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