Tax Dragon Blues

Do Tax Dragons dream about tax?

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Woke up this mornin', some ledg was in my head
Yeah I woke up this mornin', ledg buzzin' in my head
It had come to me while I was sleepin'
An' I knew juss what it said

The thread in question is this:

My question is probably rhetorical. But maybe there's a wellbeing message to take from it. We're already advised to put a three-hour break between screen time and bedtime, to reduce disturbance to sleep. (Something about blue light… should that be blues light?)

Maybe a break from Aweb in particular is advisable, so that, when we do dose off, we don't dream about tax!

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paddle steamer
01st May 2019 12:21

I can imagine.

My wife just after we were married pointed out to me that I would never be able to have an affair with A N Other as I talk in my sleep- catch was back then (1990) I worked full time in practice and my sleep talk apparently revolved around ramblings re tax forms and reliefs etc; I was talking tax in my sleep.

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By FirstTab
01st May 2019 12:49

I want to dream about tax. It does not happen.

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Replying to FirstTab:
paddle steamer
01st May 2019 12:55

Yep, I keep waking up just before I win my case before the FTT, always happens.

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By Tax Dragon
01st May 2019 16:24

Having had a tax-themed night, I appear to be having an enlightening day - in a Donald Rumsfeld sense. I am starting to know just how much it is I don't know. Even about (what I thought were) my specialist subjects.

Here's just one:

My blues a-deepen. (And y'all best ignore everything I've ever said... or am ever going to say [I do like Josey Wales].)

Time to find a kindly St George, maybe?

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