Tax due on employee draw?

Tax due on employee draw?

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Client has a 3 monthly attendance draw. Employees who have not been absent have their names entered. The first two names pulled out are awarded £100 gift vouchers. Is this taxable on the employee?

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By George Attazder
12th Oct 2011 17:01


... and NICable.  They're reward for performing the duties of the employment; one of the duties of employment is to turn up for work.  A better way to reward people for turning up to work (call me a dinosaur) is to not sack them.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By john cottam
12th Oct 2011 17:19

Employee draw

Thanks George. I sympathise with your view, but my client tells me it has reduced absenteeism and the business is more proiftable as a result.




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