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Tax Essentials for Advisers - has anyone used?

Has anyone used this service?

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I have been looking for a suitable technical information / training platform for my business - I'm a sole practitioner with less than 50 clients.

I subscribed to Tolleys Seminars until recently, but cancelled at the last renewal as so much of the information wasn't relevant to my business.

I had a call this morning from a company called Indicator, asking me to try their Tax Essentials for Advisers online product. It does look pretty good - just what I need, covering pretty much every aspect of personal and company tax that I might come across in my day to day work, with useful worked examples. They've sent me free newsletters from time to time over the years, and I like the style of their articles. The service also offers a technical helpline, which would be good as the ICAEW helpline which I use for occasional queries only covers accounting, and not tax, queries.

I am fairly sure I will go ahead with this, but was wondering if anyone else had used this service and could let me know what they think? 

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By Ranse
11th Jul 2018 11:34

take a look at rossmartin ( also and make comparison

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By mg200
11th Jul 2018 11:53

I've used it for a while now. I find their regular articles relevant and keeps you thinking proactively.

They are also written in relative laymans terms so they can be pretty much cut and paste to clients if you want to explain a certain topic to them.

It comes with an advice line too but we already have one in place so rarely use it.

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By CWservices6064
15th Aug 2018 14:11

another vote for Ross Martin

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