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Tax filer Accountants Report missing

TaxFiler does not include Accountants report in Partnership Accounts for CIMA

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Fairly new to TaxFiler and on the whole like it. 
Except that I've discovered there is not an option to include CIMA Accountants report in Partnership accounts.

CIMA Accountant report is available for Sole Trader and Company Accounts just not Partnerships.

All other Accountant reports are available on Partnership Accounts just not CIMA.  I don't get it

TaxFiler not being very helpful.

Any advise?  Do I just switch software or is there a workaround?  Or must I issue Partership Accounts with no Accountant report? 


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By lionofludesch
08th Oct 2020 10:06

In the past, where I didn't like the format, I have been known to type my own.

A bit tedious in year one, but no more than half an hour's (chargeable) work in subsequent years.

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By carnmores
08th Oct 2020 12:39

1. why bother with an accountants report?
2. dump into adobe and edit
3. not an LLP?

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blue sheep
08th Oct 2020 20:12

does it matter? do you really think any of your clients care?

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By carnmores
09th Oct 2020 09:47

if you are really stressed just pdf the report page and edit in Word

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