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tax filer and iris openspace

new integration, any good?

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Hi all

It seems taxfiler has integrated openspace into their software, I know plenty of people use openspace but I was wondering how good the integration is? Especially with efficiency in mind, I am thinking of trying openspace and testing it out.

I assume the "free" 1gb wont last long, any ideas on the pricing after that?

Many thanks 

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By pjd17mini
29th Aug 2019 13:05

Openspace is ok, I'm hoping that some of the taxfiler technology finds its way in that direction, as it feels far less responsive moving around it than in taxfiler.

The integration is still in testing as far as I know - it's basic but it works. My best advice is to ask to join the beta test and then tell them how you would like it to work - that's the best chance of helping it move in the right direction, and actually it's not too major a part to help them to test & provide feedback on.

Openspace storage is £5 per GB per month if you want more - a lot of things that we upload are only small, but ultimately it depends whether your remove documents once approved/used or whether you leave it as an archive, in which case you will always need more space.



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By Moonbeam
29th Aug 2019 13:24

I've used the free version of OS for about 3 years. It's not so good at the moment and I often have to logout and then login again. I haven't yet tested the integration with Taxfiler, but given OS problems I doubt they'll help.
I would recommend it. I always delete last year's files for tax, and if uploading payroll files, only keep the last month's worth on there so I minimise space.
I wouldn't normally moan about something that I don't pay for. I would notice if they wanted to charge or if I had to look elsewhere.

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By Kylo Ren
30th Aug 2019 12:59

So I've just test run it and I can say that its half excellent!
Good points - for tax returns you can directly upload them into Openspace and request authorisation. No downloading and reuploading, and no setting Openspace up with a new account - it pulls the data through from Taxfiler (sort of). You end up with a clear digital link between what you sent and what has been signed.
I say half excellent as it only works for tax returns, and this I simply cannot comprehend the design scope that they came up with.
If you create accounts on Taxfiler (as I do) you can't push these into Openspace - which to my mind is frankly bonkers.
I'm fairly sure Taxfiler has won awards for its accounts prep, and I find it really good, so why-oh-why would they not make this available to accounts.
Any time saving that comes from not downloading and uploading tax returns is offset by having to do it for the accounts.

Come on Taxfiler! I don't believe the Evil-Iris stories that everyone seems to be touting. I'm sure there are lots of good product developments that are on its way, and I don't even begrudge the price increase in return for these developments, but the 80:20 principle applies here - you've done 80% of the work but that final 20% would yield the final 80% benefit to me, and I'm sure others.
Finish the development and make the Openspace link apply to accounts as well

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30th Aug 2019 14:23

Following your comment on, would there also be a merge option so that you can bring together your accounts, returns, covering letter advising of tax position and invoice into one document.

Of course to complete the task, the invoice would have to be paid (after signing the accounts and returns) before the client can return the document pack.

One email/link out to the client with everything included and all signed and paid on return - now that would be really efficient.

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Replying to JD:
By Kylo Ren
30th Aug 2019 14:52

You should be on the beta trial!

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