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Accounts Production - Service Level and Development

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We've been a big fan of TF for a while (tax cases) and a while back migrated our accounts production from VT Accounts. We did so in the knowledge that it was essentially an import and file product and we manage the adjustments etc on the way in. Works well. However, there are a number of areas where minor fixes are required - some presentational, some technical. We've been fobbed off time and again and are starting to feel short-changed - especially as the fees have doubled! We still believe the swap from VT was right but it seems that since being acquired by IRIS the accs side is the poor relation. If there was a development road map or some feedback it would be a start but we're being stonewalled! Do others have similar experiences?

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By rmillaree
12th Sep 2019 13:45

Your situation reminds me of how we ended up leaving iris - we had what was originally the drummohr tax filing software and it was brilliant, until taken over by iris when it became much less reliable but still manageable - they then closed the product and forced onto a cloud alternative that didn't even work - the forced change being done in april to boot with the old software switched off before the new software worked. Best thing we ever did was ditch any iris software we had and moved elsewhere - moneysoft for payroll and btc for tax.
That's not to say iris may not have a plan that doesn't involve maximising cashflow while minimising investment - but i do know when we left that was exactly their tactic and it did reflect in the gradual then sudden erosion of a decent sound functioning of product ending up something different.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Sep 2019 15:13

If you are currently using Taxfiler, you will be strongly advised to have a backup plan.

IRIS's whole business plan is to buy up competitive looking independent businesses, especially those which might compete with them longer term, hike fees year on year, squeeze hard and bin the business over a 3-7 year period, having then destroyed a competitor, recovered their investment and made a bit on the side too.

I don't see why TaxFiler will be any different.

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By wilcoskip
12th Sep 2019 15:20

So if I were looking to move away from Taxfiler (which I am a big fan of, and was gutted by its acquisition by IRIS), where should I look? Needs to be (a) reasonably integrated, and (b) cloud-based. PM functionality would be a nice bonus.

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By Moonbeam
12th Sep 2019 18:45

Since the recent tie up between Taxfiler and IrisOpenSpace my IrisOS frequently refuses to move forward when I press the upload button but then works for a short while before the same problem comes back.
The helpline people will only do something when you can replicate the problem, and even then I suspect can't do much about it. So I'm already wondering about having to replace Iris OS if this continues or gets worse.

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By clive.farquhar
25th Oct 2019 11:58

I'll just add to this thread our recent experience of their FRS 105 accounts product - be careful issuing the detailed balance sheet to clients as it doesn't add up! Long term creditors does not feature at all - not helpful when you have a LT director loan to the business of £000's!

Just beware - don't fall into the trap believing that if the TB adds up the accounts will!

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