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Tax Forecasting / Decision / Strategy Software

Can anyone recommend Tax Forecasting / Decision Making / Planning / Strategy Software

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Is there specialist tax planning software available?
With a thousand caveats about future rates / thresholds / new taxes etc.
For decisions like going limited or not, so needs to combine all taxes into a scenario, and report comparisons side by side.
My spreadsheets get ever more complicated each year.

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By D V Fields
26th Sep 2021 13:22

No plethora of suggestions is very telling.
Even if there were it probably would still be lacking something specific you wanted.

Trust your own spreadsheets and abilities. Sometimes a complicated spreadsheet just needs a rebuild incorporating your new ideas and eliminating inefficiencies.
Good luck,

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Replying to D V Fields:
By Gone Sailing
26th Sep 2021 13:49

Thanks, as a 'general practitioner', I don't foresee anything unusual (new levy aside) I'm becoming more reluctant to spend a day on a new tax combination for one client. It's funny (or not) just when I think I have covered all the bases, another combo comes along.

At the same time, it would be useful to have something to cross check with.

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