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Tax Free Protection Insurance - Accountants (TFPI)

Looking for anyone with experience of TFPI

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Hi All,

I have been looking at taking out a TFPI policy to help protect me/my clients in the event of an investigation.

I have read the marketing material regarding these policies, but needless to say, the comments only state how wonderful such policies are.

Has anyoine had any experience regarding these and is there/are there alternatives.

I am cost conscious and need to work within a tight budget.

Thanks everyone.

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By Crouchy
06th Oct 2021 10:21

we use Vantage fee protect and have never had an issues, they handle all the admin with clients, we just pick up the commission and of course any investigation fees that come along, it couldnt be easier

on the back of the pandemic and if MTD Itsa comes in I'd expect more checks and more pointless checks from HMRC, I'd get a policy now and get you and you clients covered

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By Paul Crowley
06th Oct 2021 10:50

If you do it go full firm
Lots of admin if you decide to sell individual policies

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By Winnie Wiggleroom
07th Oct 2021 09:27

Croner Taxwise, full firm policy, automatically included in fees, I would have it no other way

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