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Tax Help Line Comparison

Which PII broker offers the best tax help line service

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My PI insurance is coming up for renewal and I've narrowed the choice of brokers down to three. The main difference between them is the tax help line they offer. One is run by Abbey Tax (free, but only allows 24 calls/year), one by DAS (premium rate call - 37p/minute) and Coner Tax wise (premium rate call - 87p/min). Does anyone have experience of these three which they would care to share?

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By clark.hall
21st Mar 2018 08:46

Hmm, I was interested in the replies to this one but in their absence - and in my limited experience:
I currently have access to Croner and Abbey. I probably don't make enough use of either. 24 calls a year would be more than enough.

I tend to email Croner which avoids their high call charges but sometimes leads to me having to ask for certain clarifications. I called Abbey recently for the first time to try it out - and yes, they helped perfectly well. Thing is I sold fee protection to my clients, partly motivated by getting access to Croner helpline, without realising that I had access to Abbey. Now I wonder if my few clients really need fee protection.

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By chatman
21st Mar 2018 09:59

Thanks Clark. Abbey is the one I have at the moment. Sometimes their advice seems good, but sometimes it seems bad, so I post an AnyAnswers query and get a much better answer.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
21st Mar 2018 11:37

Sounds useful.

I used TaxAction for some advise last year for a VAT issue that also had CT & PT implications. Having done loads of research beforehand, I came away with the opinion that I’d been advising the ‘advisor’.

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