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Tax implication on shares received from Employer

What would be the tax implication on shares received from employer.

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Hello experts,

I just wanted to know if there is any tax implication on shares transferred in Vested Share Account managed by the employer (Shares are awarded under Performance Share Plan by the employer).


No. of shares vested: 500

No. of share deducted to cover tax & other social security: 100

Balance shares tr. to VSA : 400

Thanks in advance

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By Tax Dragon
16th Aug 2018 19:47

Doesn't the disposal of 100 of the shares to pay the tax tell you that there is tax to pay?

That approach suggests the tax is under PAYE and there will be documentation provided to tell you what the tax was.

There may be additional tax, or a refund, depending on personal circumstances. If you need help in that regard, hire an accountant.

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