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Tax on Payment to Vacate Premises

Client received £55k from neighbouring business to leave

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My Client "W" (a partnership) was offered and accepted £55k to move out of their premises, from the adjacent business "M" who was desparate for space and was prepared to pay to move into their unit, rather than suffer the costs of a complete move.  The agreement simply said "in consideration of £55k, W will surrender lease to landlord, and vacate the premises".  No money changed hands between W and landlord the only transaction W was involved in was receiving the sum of £55k from M (and of course they surrendered the lease, etc)

I have found a fair bit about payments from landlord to tenant to end a lease but not about a business paying someone to leave.  Can anyone point me at something definitive about the treatment of this sum in the hands of the recipient W?

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By Les Howard
14th Sep 2020 12:22

And, find out about the VAT implications too.

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By Martin B
14th Sep 2020 13:29

I think, this falls under CGT , disposal of a lease in some shape or form.

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