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Contractor using a UK company in Denmark advised that Danish tax applies

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Hello all

Basic situation, UK Limited Company has a long term contract on a rotation in Denmark, commenced about 4 months ago. The Director / contractor has been advised that he needs to pay Danish Tax, despite being UK tax resident and working less than 183 days a year in Denmark

2 Queries

1 Is this correct

2 Is the limited company set up ignored and they tax him based on company turnover rather than the salary he pays himself through the UK paye system

Thanks in advance

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By Tax Dragon
02nd Sep 2021 16:40

Who you gonna trust on Danish tax, a Danish accountant or us dudes* in here that barely know UK rules?

*I'm allowed that one.

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By Duggimon
02nd Sep 2021 16:50

I have a client in Denmark with a UK company, but it's not the same situation as your client.

I can only offer that I advised them to get a Danish accountant as well because their tax system is completely different to ours and I don't understand it and have no reason to learn.

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By accountantccole
03rd Sep 2021 10:55

Talk to Danish accountant.
UK Limited carrying on a trade in France would certainly get caught by tax in France, I'd expect Denmark to have similar rules.
Individual earning a salary abroad would either need to be on a Danish payroll or seconded (but you'd need to acknowledge there is a danish activity to be able to second to it)

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