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Tax Practice complete all-in-one software solution

Currently using separate software and looking for an all-in-one solution

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Hi all,

Small tax practice (200 personal tax returns, 30 limited companies) currently using Taxfiler for Tax Returns and just started using Accountancy Manager for my CRM system. All my Control Lists are currently on Excel.

Looking to consolidate everything, to include an online AML provider.

Am considering sticking with Taxfiler and Accountancy Manager, and then subscribing to TaxCalc AML Centre for my AML solutions. However, Accountancy Manager is very clunky and maybe too extensive for my purposes, and also I don't like the thought of working with multiple systems, with the additional hastle of keeping addresses, etc. upto date on each. What I do know is that I need to streamline things and using multiple excel spreadhseets is becoming too time-consuming.

So, am looking at an all-in-one solution as an alternative.

Have seen that IRIS appear to offer this, but am unsure of costs and functionality (am waiting a call-back from their Sales Team).

Can anyone offer some insight on their experiences, and any alternative options, tips and suggestions which I could look at to fulfil my objectives, please?


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James Byrne
By jamesbyrne
22nd Jul 2020 08:32

Hi Software Seeker,

As an early adopter of AccountancyManager it sounds like you are not yet using AM to its full potential.

I would ask why you are feeling the need to use Excel for your control lists when AM should take care of this for you. Please communicate with the support team, they are always happy to help and as we offer free support - it's worth picking up the phone.

AccountancyManager provides AML ID checks and Credit checks for individuals, with Company credit checks being released on Monday, all for as little as £1.25 per check when bought in bulk.

There is also an AML risk assessment form which has been built to assist you when carrying out a risk assessment on each client. This is currently undergoing some improvements, having employed a former HMRC investigator to ensure all relevant questions are being considered. Including the option to mark risks as low, medium or high risk with a reporting facility. This new update will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Whether you are using the existing form or waiting for the update, there really should be no need to use TaxCalc as well as Taxfiler. This should leave you only using two systems rather than four.

With more features being released every month (a total of 8 new releases [come Monday] in the past two months alone), and constantly building based on user feedback, it's worth getting in touch to see if we can assist you further or to find out what's coming around the corner.

I hope the information above helps.

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By Software Seeker
22nd Jul 2020 10:28

Hi James,

Thanks very much for your comments. I think a chat would be ideal as I am sure I'm not using AM effectively at the moment.


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Replying to Software Seeker:
By Marcus_B
22nd Jul 2020 13:39

Hi Software Seeker
If you call through to the main number, option 1. I’ll be happy to help. Marcus

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
22nd Jul 2020 12:15

Unless you have deep - and increasingly deep - pockets, avoid IRIS.

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