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Tax Refund

Tax Refund

My friend came over from the US during the tax year 2007-08 and left the UK for the US in the tax year 2008-08.  Unfortunately, in 2007/08 he was put on the wrong tax code and overpaid around 5K in tax. 

He left the UK suddenly after being accused of misconduct and resigned with immediate affect.  The next two years he went into depression related to his experience in the UK and was not working.

He was unaware of a tax refund until a chance call with myself back in April this year.   He subsequently sent a letter to HMRC asking for a refund but HMRC refused saying it was outside the time limits.  He did not explain the circumstances on why he did not claim the refund which was partly due to his state of mind and ignorance. 

Have you come accross any cases where HMRC has granted a refund even though it had passed the time limits.  I would appreciate any advice


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12th Dec 2012 15:37

well i think its equitable liabilty

it was on its way out not sure where we are now

have a pop at them by mentioning disabilty discrimination

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