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Tax Refund Anomaly

Refund showing as "Payment Pending" - maybe?

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Over the years, I've frequently arranged for HMRC to pay client’s tax refunds into my company account.  Usually, a day or two after submitting their Return, the refund amount is shown on the client’s account, marked “Payment Pending”.

After an unspecific number of days, the rubric changes to “Repayment Issued [on such and such a date], and invariably, the next day, the funds arrive in our account.  And, on the “Repayment Issued” date, I can view the amount on our (HSBC) bank account under “Next day’s transactions”.

I’ve never encountered this before, but I have a case in hand where my bank is telling me that the refund, the correct amount, will appear in my account tomorrow, but on the HMRC website the refund still shows as “Payment Pending”.

Out of interest, has anyone else faced this unusual position?

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By Wanderer
28th May 2020 03:28

I believe what we see online is not 'live' data but a dump maybe once or twice a day.

Could be the payment has been made / instruction issued but the online data is 12 / 24 hours old?

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By Cloudcounter
28th May 2020 08:38

Frankly, if the money has been received I wouldn't care one iota about what the HMRC record says

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