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Tax refund paid in year how to show this on SA

Tax refund paid in year how to show this on SA

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I'd be grateful for any help with this.  Due to becoming a director right at the end of 13/14 I'm having to complete a very late tax return for 13/14.  During 13/14 I had tax overpaid and received a refund for this at the start of 14/15.  I'm just completing my tax return for 13/14 and it is showing that I am due a refund but as mentioned I have already received this.  How can I show the tax refund received on the SA?

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15th Jan 2016 19:53

I don't understand

Why did you get a refund? How would HMRC know you were due a refund?

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15th Jan 2016 19:58


There's a box in the initial "tailoring" that says "Did you receive a refund from HMRC?"

Answer that question "Yes".

But I'm wondering the same as Peter...........

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15th Jan 2016 22:48

Great, thank you I'll have a look for that.  I had two jobs in the year and was taxed (too much) through payroll for these.  I had to do a SA because I became a director in the last few days of the tax year.  Thanks for your help.  

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15th Jan 2016 23:02

I'm guessing the refund was due to overpaying PAYE as a
higher rate tax payer leaving your job mid year . Or at least that is a common scenario and one where HMRC know you've over paid once the tax year passes.

There's a section for refunds already received for that year so just enter the amount there , I'm not in front of a return presently to find the exact box.

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16th Jan 2016 00:07


So I assume a P800 was issued and HMRC sent a refund on that basis.

I suppose HMRC then later understood that you were a director and requested a tax return.

I've never used HMRC software but I suppose when the tax return is submitted HMRC would calculate a refund was due but then see it had already been paid but, as lion said, there's a box for what you need.

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16th Jan 2016 09:57

Not used

I've never, ever had a need to use that box.

I assume it's on all proprietary software too - but no-one's noticed it.

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16th Jan 2016 10:08

on sage
it is on Sage but I have only ever used it once or twice and in both cases it was an employee changing to sole trader late in year when HMRC had already refunded on P800.
Unlikely ever to be needed if doing a return every year.

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16th Jan 2016 11:53

It's on page TR6 box 1 

It's on page TR6 box 1 

"If you have had any 2014-15 Income Tax refunded or set off by us or Jobcentre Plus, enter the amount"


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16th Jan 2016 12:41

I used this box for the first time recently

It has caused problems at HMRC.

It was an amended return for 2013/14, where further information came to light that affected the tax liability.

The original return showed a £700 overpayment (CIS tax), which was refunded.

The amended return showed a £300 overpayment, and I recorded the refund, so the tax summary showed £400 tax to be repaid to HMRC.

The client came in yesterday and he has an HMRC statement showing he owes the £400 PLUS the refunded £700 giving total outstanding tax of £1,100 for 13/14 payable nowl There is also a further liability for 14/15 payable 31st Jan, but that figure is correct.

Looks like I'll have fun on the telephone to HMRC come Monday. In future I'll leave the box blank and give the client the adjusted figure.


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16th Jan 2016 20:35

Thanks, Basil

I'll be submitting another amendment with box left empty. :)

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