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Tax relief for companies

Eis / SEIS equivalents

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Are there any alternatives to EIS for SEIS for companies to obtain tax relief on investing in other companies?

other than pension contributions is there any other expenditure pre year end that would be worthwhile whilst obtaining tax relief using surplus cash(no cap ex required) 

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By Accountant A
09th Sep 2018 10:16

Have a word with your accountant.

It's rarely a good idea to spend money to get a tax break.

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By lionofludesch
09th Sep 2018 17:37

Spend £10000 to save £1900 in tax ?

Why ?

Crazy idea. ©

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By nrw
11th Sep 2018 17:43

Substantial shareholder exemption provides corporation tax relief on a gain if qualifying conditions are met, though losses are also 'relieved'.

Assuming the underlying investment is a good proposition and it's not being made to relieve tax (tails, wagging) then it may be advantageous to instead pay a dividend and set the resulting income tax against a personal S/EIS investment.

Insufficient information is available to answer the question.

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