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Tax relief for moving expenses entirely paid by employee

Tax relief for moving expenses entirely paid by...

I am currently resident in the UK and am moving to the US for a job. My employer is not directly paying for the relocation (e.g., cost of moving furniture and airfare) but is indirectly paying for it by increasing my base salary/bonus. Therefore they are not going to provide a P11D . Can I deduct these moving costs and if so, where on the SA or what form is this entered on?

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04th Mar 2012 14:52

From what you say the choice to move to the US is yours so you can not claim the costs of relocation. Regards Peter

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05th Mar 2012 11:27

What you need to do...

... is when you get to the US, you give those nice people at the IRS a call (toll-free!), and tell them that you want a "tax write off" for the costs or relocating yourself to their lovely little island.

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