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Tax Resources online

What do you use?

I am thinking of subscribing to an online tax library or resources and would really appreciate some feedback on what other accountants use and the costs involved. I am a sole practitioner so I don't need anything too complex. There have been other threads on this but can't find any recent information. What would you recommend and why?


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13th Aug 2018 16:35

Accounting Web!

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to Wanderer
13th Aug 2018 17:59

Wanderer wrote:

Accounting Web!


I subscribe to TaxInsider, but TBH Google and/or AWeb everything.

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13th Aug 2018 22:51

My ICPA membership includes access to a host of Bloomsbury publications which even for my very limited practice I have found very useful.

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14th Aug 2018 06:38

As a sole practitioner there will be times when you will need either to refer clients to experts or buy expertise in.

If you pay too much for your commentary and/or it is too in-depth, you might resist calling on the experts when really you should.

Bloomsbury cannot be accused of being too in depth, so is probably perfect.

Whatever you choose, you'll also need to decide how much of it you want.

Use Aweb by all means, but treat any answers with due caution. For "due", read "extreme".

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By cruz
14th Aug 2018 06:56

I am currently going through the same process. I currently use Ross Martin web resource which is excellent however looking to supplement.
I have completed trial of Bloomsbury resource and Tolley’s guidance (including library resource).
My preference was the Tolley’s platform as it was slick and search function worked well.
On price - quotes received both similar.
My decision now is revisiting what it is I want it actually to provide me with and deciding from there.
Contact both providers mentioned and free trials will be granted - Lexis Nexus (Tolley’s) provides me with 2 week’s trial.
I agree with other posts on using experts and also accounting web.
Ross Martin has the virtual tax partner which well worth a look.
My experience of accounting web (in the past as only just logged back in after a few years away) was that when a question was posted that some believed “basic” rather than address it, others spent more time worrying about the poster being in practice and their lack of knowledge!

Good luck.

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to cruz
15th Aug 2018 08:54

You're quite right about AWeb, don't ever post a question! Only use it for its entertainment value. It shows just how many are dealing with tax matters who really shouldn't - entertaining but also frightening.

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