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tax return 2010/11

tax return 2010/11

Could some one please guide us as we have a number of clients in Libya with UK rental income , how do we get the tax return signed by them in this political turmoil down there.

The estate agent is willing to sign on their behalf

By the way we have had no satisfactory reply from Agents help line

many thanks in advance


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15th Jun 2011 16:41

Reasonable excuse

I am pretty sure that you would be able to get any late filing penalties overturned due to "reasonable excuse".

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16th Jun 2011 08:26

Returns for non residents

The agent should not be happy to sign the returns as they are not in a position to know the total UK income . More importantly I do not believe that they are capable of signing.

I would withdraw the clients from the non-resident landlords scheme for the time being so that the rents are taxed at source. There is then no possible loss of revenue and added complications of interest and surcharges to cloud the picture. It will also provide incentives to Libyans to makethe necessary arrangements to approve the returns.-

I am not convinced that there would be a reasonable excuse. As I remember it (but of course can't find the instruction note at the moment) agents are expected to have reasonably satisfied themselves that a client has seen and approved the return before filing. There is no need for a physical signed copy so email correspondence sending the return and receiving approval ould suffice. I still prefer to have a papercopy but if you quote the uniquely generated reference for the return in the body of the email that should suffice

- Marion

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