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Tax return for deceased client with no UTR

Tax return for deceased client with no UTR

Client has asked me to do a tax return for his deceased Aunt.

She passed away last August. She has never done a tax return so does not have a UTR. HMRC have not asked for a return to be completed. There will however be extra tax due because of Life assurance gains.

What is the best way to go about reportig this to HMRC?



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23rd Feb 2016 09:41

Not something I have ever had to deal with, but surely it's just like any other taxpayer having to register for SA, the taxpayer in this case being the executors.

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23rd Feb 2016 09:47

I’d be tempted to write a

I’d be tempted to write a letter for the executor. Enclose tax computations and a cheque for the tax owed.

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23rd Feb 2016 09:49

Use the HMRC

Bereavement Tool

It might point you in the right direction

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