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Tax Return problems?

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Anybody else experienced problems with tax returns submitted in October? Submitted return online on 25 October. Tax due £695. Form accepted & no subsequent amendments. Client emails me this week to say he has not received a tax demand. Check online. Confirms return received 25 October but showing no tax payable. I then resubmit the return as a revised submission & today it is now agreeing with the £ 695. More of a widespred problem or a one off?

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By Chris.Mann
16th Jan 2018 08:46
this might help?

Red Leader raised this over a week ago.

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By CazzyT
16th Jan 2018 09:54

We've had quite a few of these.
Agent helpline says it is received but not processed and refers it to the mysterious "back office".
It has been easier to resubmit and hope for better luck next time round.
HMRC showing their IT prowess again

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