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Tax Return rejected by HMRC - Why?

Rejected Tax Return

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I have submitted all my 2018/19 Tax Returns online except one - and it is the one I did on paper which has been rejected by HMRC.  Alongside various state and other pensions, the client has some income from a Trust.  Some of this income (interest and dividends) is received from Ireland and Luxembourg.  This income was accordingly entered on pages F2 and F3 of the Foreign pages. 

The client is UK resident and always has been - so question 8 on page TR2 (Residence, remittance basis etc) was naturally answered as 'No'.  The Return has been rejccted by HMRC 'because you did not send us the Residence, remittance basis etc supplementary page.  You've shown on the return that you needed to complete this supplementary page.  I've enclosed a copy for you to fill in'.  The covering letter threatens the client with the £100 penalty if the completed extra supplementary pages are not received by them by 4 December.

I rang the agents helpline.  The officer was as clueless as I am about this.  He referred it up to a 'technician' who was similarly unable to offer any explanation for the rejection.  As I clearly indicated on page TR2 that I did not need to complete the Residence pages, I feel inclined to respond to HMRC rather aggressively but before I do - I need to be sure that I am not missing anything here.  I should mention that the client has had exactly the same income sources for many years and this has never happened before.  Any theories?

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By SXGuy
14th Nov 2019 10:35

Have you tried copying your figures over to a tax return software like taxcalc to see if there are any prompts with regards to anything you may have missed etc?

Not my area so can't comment specifically but usually I complete a return via software to check I've done everything before printing the form to send.

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By Wanderer
14th Nov 2019 10:52

Have you answered Yes to question 5 on page TR 2?

Reviewer has probably confused questions 5 & 8.

Anyway why not just submit online? Takes out the human element at HMRC and this sort of problem.

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By Paul D Utherone
14th Nov 2019 11:13

Potentially a miss key by the operator entering the paper return. Maybe write back pointing out that those pages are not required.

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By darkmatter
14th Nov 2019 17:01

never , ever , ever , ever ..send in a paper return … talk to the hand

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