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Tax Returns

Tax Returns

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I have to say this is the easiest January we have ever had.  Normally 40-50% of the clients bring their books in December / January. 

This year only 10%, which is making a very relaxed January (so far)

How is everyone else getting on?

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By Rachael White
09th Jan 2015 10:41


Glad to hear it's going so well! What do you think happened to make them bring files in earlier? Did you put some kind of measures in place?


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By sarahg
09th Jan 2015 13:57

A couple of things


This year we were a lot more proactive at chasing the work in

At the end of November we requested all information by 12 December to avoid a 20% increase in fees potentially occurring



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By BroadheadAccountants
10th Jan 2015 12:55


I'm on the same page but am sure some last minute rush will eventuate.


It's good to have a bit of capacity for new clients at this time of year.


I like your idea Sarah of suggesting a higher fee in January to get action.

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