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Tax Returns

Has anybody else had issues with 2017 Returns filed online with HMRC not being captured/processed?

We are discovering 16/17 SA100s filed online via TaxCalc software which are shown as received by HMRC on the date filed but they're not processed/captured by them. When checking the tax overview for the year it is basically not showing anything - no tax payable nor refund due. This issue of course takes an age to sort with HMRC and they give no feedback about why it's happening despite my asking.

We initially thought this was a one-off blip with a client late last year but have now discovered about half a dozen - we're only really finding out when clients query not having a bill or not getting a refund. There may be more to come out nof the woodwork yet although the vast majority of over 400 Returns filed are fine. Those affected were filed on different dates and TaxCalc say they've had no reports of similar issues from other users.

So my question is...are we alone with this issue? (if so that makes me even more worried!)



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to SteLacca
16th Apr 2018 16:06

Thanks for that link - I did search but couldn't find any similar questions.
In a way, I'm "Glad" it's not just us!
There seems to be no reason though for this happening but it is obviously an issue at HMRC end.

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16th Apr 2018 14:56

We check back after a few days & make sure that returns have been processed & keep a list of the position with each. We hassle HMRC well before now if they haven't been processed.

You need to think how you are going to deal with the situation of interest / late payment penalties for any that clients have not received a bill for & haven't paid.

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16th Apr 2018 16:00

Very few of my clients actually got a 'bill' (I presume that you mean a payslip/statement of account). I have trained mine to pay what I tell them, when I tell them. I also used many 'self-generated' payslips to accompany cheques when no payslip was issued.

Unless the client is due a refund it shouldn't be a problem. What I am still finding are spurious overpayments caused by a lack of an entry for the first instalment for 2017-18.

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17th Apr 2018 00:07

I am also using Taxcalc and had issues with 4 CT returns that have been filed and received according to the software but not shown up on HMRC side.

I sent a copy of the submission receipt to them and they confirmed that they now had now found them, but didn't explain what the issue was.

I have just spotted another one today,

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to Glennzy
17th Apr 2018 09:39

Sounds very similar except none of ours have been CT Returns!

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