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Tax returns out of time

Tax returns out of time

I have recently submitted 7 years personal tax returns for a new client going back to 2004/05 when he first came self employed. HMRC asked for all returns to be filed from this year. There is tax outstanding for every year from 2004/05.

HMRC have telephoned to say that the earlier returns are out of time and will not allow the extension of the basic rate band to pension contributions. They also said they believe there is missing income for these earlier years.

If they are out of time ?, should I have not perhaps submitted these returns? if out of time, can they collect the tax due for these earlier years? Are they correct in not allowing the basic rate extension ?

Need help on what is the correct position on out of time tax returns.?


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By Tosie
05th Jan 2012 13:22

It is the relief out of time

Sadly undeclared income is never out of time but claims for relief are subect to  time scales.

It is important that you sort out the question of missing income asap in order to avoid further penalties and interest.

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