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Tax saving options ten months into 2016/17?

New sole trader client just walked in. Taxable profit for year ended 5 April 2017 will be >£120K.

My first thought is to explore tax savings from transferring business to limited company but I'm still stuck with 10 months sole trader profits. Does anybody have any quick suggestions which I could investigate please.

P.S. Just what we need in the last week of January!


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26th Jan 2017 09:55


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By mrme89
26th Jan 2017 10:18

You don't give us much information to go on.

They could stock up on stationery?

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26th Jan 2017 10:25

Any significant assets to purchase?

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26th Jan 2017 10:30

Lose £100K of turnover in the Maldives?

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26th Jan 2017 10:41

Where's Mr Dodgy, I mean Mr Bryant?

He would advise you to open the company now, and pretend it was company turnover all along. He'd then be put to task and do a disappearing act.

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By jcace
26th Jan 2017 13:14

I presume you've done some calculations to see how much he would actually save by incorporating.

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