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Tax Simplification

Tax Simplification

I thought others might be interested in my new procedure, with which I have been replying to needless requests for information from HMRC, the Council, etc:

Oaktree Tax Simplification Procedure
To press the Office of Tax Simplification appears to have done nothing.  Oaktree is keen to play a small part in tax simplification.
Hence, when asked to complete a form or give other information, Oaktree will ask:
1.  Does the body asking for this information definitely not already have it?
2.  Can Oaktree see a genuine commercial (as opposed to "this is our process") reason for doing it?
3.  Can the requester provide such a reason clearly and concisely?
If the answer to all three questions is "Yes", the Oaktree procedure is to give the information.  If not the Oaktree procedure is to politely decline it.
Oaktree is sure you agree that compliance with our procedures is important and thanks you for your co-operation with them.


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