Tax software?

Tax software?

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Further to earlier queries...

Working for a specialist tax planning firm, inundated with requests from clients to prepare tax returns and tax computations. Would like to offer this service to smaller clients in the first instance (limited companies and partnerships).

Anyone with recent experience in purchasing software to enable completion of tax computations and returns with capability for on-line submission who could offer advice?

I have researched all software on HMRC list, do not want to go for software with limitations on client numbers and don't want to pay too much - ha!

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By User deleted
29th Sep 2009 20:01

Lots of information on the site, but
What's your budget?
Try Keytime or;

Customer Service is good as well.

None of this business where you have to leave a message on the answerphone and some one may get back to you the following at (luch time) when you may be out or some time during the week.

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By JCresswellTax
30th Sep 2009 09:33

Don't use SAGE

Its rubbish and the updates seem to make it worse each year.

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By nigelburge
30th Sep 2009 12:10

I use SA2000

It is basic, very good value and works very well.

It is not very well known but was in at the start of SA at 1996. Support is second to none.


Highly recommended

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By terry morris
30th Sep 2009 12:22


I have used Taxcalc since the start of this tax year, only wish I had found this software before, I have used Sage and Keytime but for a user friendly and cost effective package Taxcalc is number one. The support staff are also friendly and do not talk down to you.

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By julianshaw
30th Sep 2009 12:25

Keytime or Sage? Or Digita?

I've looked at many variations over the years...

Sage is good for a larger practice, and we found it very good on the client control side. But as is pointed out above, it can be promblematic when it comes to updates and the like. Also, when you want to increase numbers and the size of the database, our experience was it became very expensive for SQL licences etc.

Digita is excellent. Iris was really good when we checked it out, and we very nearly went with them but the way P11D benefits were dealt with was not quite how we wanted it. (Not wrong, but not right for us.)

Keytime's tax software is good for what it is, and won't work out as expensive as the others.

They all do the job very well but in different ways. As with most software, it's a question of checking them all out and seeing which fits best.

Julian Shaw

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By raybackler
30th Sep 2009 13:41


We have been using Taxcalc for several years.  It is excellent but I can't comment on any other software, but then I wouldn't move!

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By taz.
30th Sep 2009 14:28

TaxCalc 2009

Further to the comments about TaxCalc, I'd be happy to offer you a downloadable demo of our TaxCalc Pro Suite application to try out.

It features unlimited individual, partnership and corporation tax returns (with comps) and all of these can be filed online. We have just released a major update, which includes a free dividend database and a new capital allowances module. TaxCalc Pro Suite costs £375 plus VAT.

Please call me on 0845 5190 883 or see for further information.

Best wishes,

Taz Khela

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30th Sep 2009 15:01


Couldn't agree more.  I have been using TaxCalc since Accorah lauched it.  Updates arrive automatically throughout the tax year without any hitch.  Pro Suite has all the returns you will ever need and at a very reasonable price. 

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By farrcorfe
30th Sep 2009 17:03

Andica for me

Andica self-assessment and partnership software ticks the boxes for me and is incredibly good value for money. Support is fantastic, just a 'phone call away, and they can access your computer to see if anything needs fixing, of course. Unfortunately, I don't believe they offer a CT package at the moment but are no doubt working on it.


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By holywood
07th Oct 2009 13:45


Many thanks for the answers folks.

I have to say I was more impressed with taxcalc than the others at first glance and will probably end up using them.

I have received quotes from everyone bar CCH and Iris, beacuse their sales departments didn't answer the phone - nice way to drop the ball guys...


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By User deleted
09th Oct 2009 11:23


do not go to Forbes -really Mickey Mouse !!!!

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