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Tax status when abroad

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Hi all, 

I am moving to Canada next week, and as per agreement with my UK employer, I will continue on a payroll until mid-November until my UK work permit visa expiry. I have already given my notice, so will continue getting paid on my UK account until then. I will become a Canadian tax resident immediately as I enter Canada next week and am currently on vacation abroad (will not enter UK anymore). So my question is, what will be my tax status in the UK and how will my income be treated by HMRC? Do I need to fill in the P85 form? 



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03rd Aug 2018 16:15

you will probably qualify for split year treatment so i would think so

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03rd Aug 2018 18:36

You don't give enough information to get a reliable answer. There are many variables, especially for those in the UK only temporarily on a work permit. Ask your employer to send you to its accountant and seek advice on your residence status, split year treatment, and what to put on the P85, which should be submitted..

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