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Tax Tips for company directors - Tax Insider

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Good to see my guide 'Tax Tips for company directors' being advertised onsite. This is the 3rd year of publication.


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20th Nov 2018 10:20

Tax Tip 1 - Don't read Tax Insider and get professional help instead.

Tax Tip 2 - Never give Tax Insider your email or they'll spam you for life.

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to Lone_Wolf
21st Nov 2018 10:20

Sorry, was talking rubbish again.

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20th Nov 2018 19:02

Umm... actually I am qualified plus over 30 years tax and corporate governance experience.

I'll let Mark McLaughlin CTA (Fellow) ATT (Fellow) TEP know he's not a professional
...and Sarah Bradford BA (Hons) ACA CTA (Fellow)
...and Andrew Needham CTA with over 20 years’
experience in VAT at HMRC
... and Lee Sharpe solicitor
...and Sarah Laing CTA
...and Malcolm Finney exhead of international tax Grant Thornton LLP;

... all write for Tax Insider

I'm sure they'll be pleased to know.

I'll take your apology as read.

If you dont want them to contact you all you have to do is tell them.

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to Jennifer Adams
21st Nov 2018 09:52

I seem to have struck a nerve. As way of an apology, let me provide a suggestion that may make Tax Insider more useful.

Scrap contact by email and instead print the tips on tissue paper. At least then I would have a use for them...

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21st Nov 2018 10:01

Very harsh wolfey.

Tax insider is not bad at all and as Jennifer says, it is written by well respected tax folk.

Are you sure you aren't getting mixed up between this and 'tax tips and advice'?

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By Jdopus
to JCresswellTax
12th Jun 2019 09:56

I have to agree actually, I find it to be quite a good tax publication.

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