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Tax Treatment of a Portfolio bond

Tax Treatment of a Portfolio bond

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I have a client who has had an Aviva "Investors Defined Returns Fund 2" Maturity in 2013/14, also referred to elsewhere as a "Portfolio Bond"

He has basically invested a sum of money, and because the FTSE hit a certain level at maturity, he gets his initial stake back plus a 32% bonus.

I am trying to figure out what this is for tax, as nowhere on any of the reams of paperwork is tax mentioned even once, there is no tax deduction certificate, no chargeable event certificate, nothing.

Unfortunately my client is elderly and quite ill at the moment and I can get no sense out of him at all.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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By Paul D Utherone
07th Aug 2014 16:15

Looks like it's an OEIC

so presumably CGT

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By Paul Soper
07th Aug 2014 16:20
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paddle steamer
07th Aug 2014 16:23
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