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Tax TV and keeping up to date

Tax TV and keeping up to date

I keep up to date through CPD Courses and reading Taxation Mag and Accountancy Jnls but I am aware how easy it is to forget stuff that you do not use very often.

I am therefore considering subscribing to either Tax TV or Nicola Ross Martin's site.

Is anybody willing to share their of experience of these or indeed recommend alternatives.

Many thanks


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28th Sep 2011 11:18

PTP quarterly tax updates ....

are excellent if you are reasonably close to any of their venues. Obviously these are by the same people as tax TV.

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28th Sep 2011 12:16

ICAEW Tax faculty

If you are ICAEW, join the tax faculty.  They publish a very useful monthly magazine.

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By johnt27
28th Sep 2011 15:33

Tax TV


We've been trialling Tax TV and it is quite interesting if a little cheesy-Tim Good and Giles Mooney are like the Bert and Ernie of the tax world after all

The format works well, however depending on your technical ability, and mine is poor, I find it quite easy to get lost when the discussions are about technical areas of tax as there are no visual aids like slides showing the numerical effect of a certain approach for example.

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By Tosie
28th Sep 2011 17:43


Thanks for advice. I have been to a few of Tim Good's over the years and found them great but they have moved venues and I have got older so I cannot attend now.

Thanks John I am sure that I too would get lost.

Taxhound I have been thinking of joining the Tax Faculty and I will take your advice and join.


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By Giles M
30th Sep 2011 13:35

Slightly biased...

Dear All,

Different people learn in different ways, that's why we have a variety of products based on a common theme.

As well as TAXtv we also produce a monthly paper/email newsletter, Professional Tax Update (£99 per annum to subscribe). This covers the most important news, cases and articles of the month and can be read as a stand alone or as a support to TAXtv or our quartlerly tax updates as mentioned by Steve (for those that prefer face to face training).

Remember you can rewind TAXtv as many times as you want so there's no need to get lost in detail!

If any of you would like me to send you access to some trial TAXtv episodes or a recent copy of Professional Tax Update feel free to email me - [email protected].

Thanks as ever for the kind words.


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03rd Oct 2011 11:56

Definitely biased...

Our webservice is written specially for small practices, we currently provide a regular news service - we try not to bombard you with emails and there is no pop-up advertising. The site is continually developing; you will currently find over 700 articles answering your FAQs, including maintained tookits, practice notes, client briefings, as well as our regular adviser CPD summaries - topical summaries.

Our subscribers also benefit from a discount from our Virtual Tax Partner email and telephone support service, and shortly we are starting Tax Masterclasses too.

You can just sign up to receive our free news, or follow our Tax Treats on Twitter.

Virtual Tax Support for accountants:

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