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Tax update service

Tax update service

For many years I subscribed to "Taxation" which I consider to be an excellent magazine but I found that I was reading it less and less and now I subscribe to "Tax Insider" at £7 a month which provides an outline without much coverage of tax changes. I would be interested to learn other peoples views of the various other tax update services. e.g Mark Lee  at £10 a month seems to offer a much wider range of information.

Thanks for any comments.


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23rd Feb 2016 16:54

RossMartin is more expensive if you subscribe

but is pretty comrehensive

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23rd Feb 2016 17:03


Taxation is very good but it runs to nearly £30 a month and is far more in depth than I need really.

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03rd Nov 2016 11:09

I write the weekly practical tax newsletter for Mark Lee's Tax Advice Network, so you can be confident of receiving three quality and relevant articles every week.

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03rd Nov 2016 12:11

We have both Taxation and Tax Insider subscriptions, and each has different uses.

I find Taxation excellent for staying abreast of newly settled tax cases, and more in depth analysis of other issues, whilst Tax Insider tends to concentrate on fewer specific issues but with more targeted suggestions.

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