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Anyone else having trouble with TYOs today? When I print one for a client the top of the page is not included so no logo and no client name and UTR.

I have had to use the browser print function and then scan to get a usable TYO for mortgage purposes.

It seems to be a problem across clients, browsers and print settings. 

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By Cazzie B
21st Jun 2024 13:54

Yes we was having the same problem yesterday, also the agent services account, trying to print off a VAT certificate and company's house. Seems ok today

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By AdamJones82
21st Jun 2024 18:56

It's been like this a few weeks now. Can't the eejits do anything right?

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By MikeL
23rd Jun 2024 20:22

I had the same problem with Tax Year Oveviews a couple of days ago. Clearly something wrong with the system, but I managed to produce 'acceptable' pdf files by experimenting with, and adjusting, the scale of the documents.

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