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Taxation of Company Reorganisations

Is the Bloomsbury publication worth buying for me to get an overview?

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I need to brush up my void of knowledge re the above , especially demergers, (don't worry, we will be using accountants and solicitors), is this book worth reading or is there something else I should buy (similar price, I am not paying £1,596 for the Sweet and Maxwell publication)?


Taxation of Company Reorganisations

By: Pete Miller, George Hardy, Fehzaan Ismail




Imprint:Bloomsbury Professional

Dimensions:234 x 156 mm


Online price :£127.50

Save £22.50 (15%)



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Head of woman
By Rebecca Cave
21st Dec 2021 11:14

It is definately worth buying -Pete Miller is an excellent writer.
But check if you have access online already. If you are a member of the ICAEW you may already have access to the Bloomsbury Profession tax library online through the online ICAEW library.

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Replying to Rebecca Cave:
paddle steamer
21st Dec 2021 11:26

No access, no membership, I am QBE so to speak. I used to be an ICPA member when in practice but they would not let me continue as a member when I stopped being in practice in 2019 so I have lost access to their online publication library.

Your endorsement is really helpful, in the new year I likely will be chatting on behalf of my employers with external accountants and solicitors so a read over Christmas will likely be beneficial ,even if I do not grasp some of the nuances.

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Replying to Rebecca Cave:
By Justin Bryant
21st Dec 2021 11:50
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paddle steamer
21st Dec 2021 11:31

Just to say now ordered. Thanks.

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