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Taxcalc AML Centre

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I am looking into improving our firm-wide AML compliance and training.

 As a recent subscriber to Taxcalc's corporation tax module, I notice that Taxcalc have an AML Centre specifically for this.

I'm interest in hearing any current users experience/opinion of this. Is it essentially a "one-stop" solution for AML requirements ?

If anyone can also recommend any providers for ongoing staff AML training that would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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By SXGuy
23rd Jul 2021 11:25

I use it and find it very good however we're in lacks is things like what aml cc offer which is to purchaae template aml risk assessment answers so you can paste it across the whole client list instead of doing each one manually.

Vincci works compliance seem to do some quite good aml training and I think it's at a reasonable price also.

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By BlackBriar
26th Jul 2021 13:17

Not many users out there then.

OK, well how about ALMCC ? Is this a comprehensive solution and value for money ?


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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
26th Jul 2021 17:05

It does the job and saves you re keying all the information into another system, AMLCC is good but you have to re enter all the info again. There is a few quirks in the Taxcalc system which I have reported, like if someone is referred to you from a 3rd party it moves them up to medium risk when that is where my best jobs come from.

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