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Taxcalc Customer Support Lines Closed

Due to "customer" event

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This is the second time that the Taxcalc support lines have closed because of Accountex.

I appreciate I can send an email to support but I just find this so annoying and disrespectful to their current client base.

Am I over-reacting? I hardly call them and then they're not available when I do.

Thought I had got away from customer service like this when I moved away from Iris.

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By Red Leader
02nd May 2019 15:40

It's OK. I just sent an email to Taxcalc support and got a reply within a couple of hours.

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By sukuho
02nd May 2019 22:14

Yes, I think you are over reacting.

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By Glenn Martin
02nd May 2019 23:45

I must say I am with red leader I prefer the email support as they respond quick enough

It’s not like you have been left totally without cover

A few updates for TaxCalc with new PM features and Proper AML solution

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Replying to Glennzy:
By johnhemming
03rd May 2019 09:43

Realistically initial contact via email or some other half duplex system is the way to go. It is massively inefficient to have competent people sitting around waiting for people to have problems. It, therefore, costs a lot if you pay for this or you have to wait a long time on the phone.

Personally I schedule support calls via email. The phone is quite a good mechanism for talking people through issues, but calls need to be planned for time efficiency. For many years I have kept my phone by default on silent and it is actually more efficient to contact me via email and I respond faster to emails than texts. There are lots of reasons for this not least the number of spam calls.

Hence for reasons of efficiency I think you will find more and more software operations moving towards initial contact for support via email rather than a call centre/IVR system.

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By MissAccounting
03rd May 2019 09:36

Do you not know that Accountex is the most important thing in the accounting world? Why were you using Taxcalc when such an event was taking place? You should have been there getting your pass zapped by complete morons who will then pester the living [***] out of you for the next 9 months trying to sell you stuff you dont need followed by the next 3 months promoting that they will be exhibiting at Accountex 2020.

Next you'll be telling us you dont wear Converse trainers to the office and you dont have meetings on the indoor picnic table at the artifical grass section of your office!

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