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Taxcalc Practice Management

Taxcalc Practice Management

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Following a post on Facebook I have just looked at the Taxcalc website and it seems that we are finally going to get our client hub and it's free!


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By redman7
07th Mar 2013 21:05


I noticed this too. Hope it's good as I really need some PM software and I love the Taxcalc suite for SA and CT returns so this could work great....

I tried the BTC one but as I don't use any of their other products it didn't seem worth it.

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07th Mar 2013 21:33

I wonder how long it will be free?

I don't want to get used to it, become reliant on it, and then find it isn't free after the 1st year.

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07th Mar 2013 21:47

That's a good add on
For you Taxcalc users. The fact it did not have a client hub was only thing that put me off and onto Digita.

If anyone gets its it would be interesting to know what it's like.

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07th Mar 2013 23:07

Received an e-mail on this today

Has made me backtrack a little, I had been intending to move away from Taxcalc (and VT) and had been looking at BTC and Iris.

So this and the new improved CH accounts filing (so much better) has made me rethink...

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08th Mar 2013 08:06

Loyalty discount?

I wondered how long it will be free for as well Shirley.  Also do you think we'll still get our loyalty discount - think it was £50 last year? 



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08th Mar 2013 08:09


Just logged in and started an order.  Looks like we get £25 loyalty discount on the pro suite.

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08th Mar 2013 08:39


I get £50 off for being an ICPA member. I've never had a loyalty discount. Is it a discount for pre-ordering?

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08th Mar 2013 09:01

It's a discount for having ordered in the past. It's coming up as £375 plus vat instead of £400.

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08th Mar 2013 09:24

Thanks, Sarah

I can't order electronically without losing my ICPA discount. I have always ordered over the 'phone.

Hmmm ... just checked 2012, and they gave me the ICPA discount, but no loyalty discount for pre-ordering, or even being a previous purchaser. Maybe it was because I didn't order over the 'net.  :(

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12th Mar 2013 11:16

If it is anything like what I and others were involved with at the development stage, it will be excellent.


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