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TaxCalc pricing

What is their pricing model

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I am currently with Taxfiler and so far am loving it. Waiting to see what changes IRIS will introduce after the acquisition and I am looking around just in case if will need to jump the ship.


Looked at TaxCalc and it looks good, but was a bit taken off as couldn't see the prices on their website. There are a lot of TaxCalc users here, can anyone provide a ballpark figure for their Tax and Accounts prep suits? I have c. 150 sole traders and c. 15 Ltd Co clients as well as 2 LLPs.

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By BigBadWolf
02nd Jun 2018 16:14

The pricing is on their website - see the versions tab against each of the modules:

£529+VAT - Accounts Production - unlimited clients, assuming you use accounts production software for sole trader clients or,
£269+VAT for up to 50 clients (if you don't use it for sole trader clients)

£340 + VAT - Individual & Partnership returns - unlimited clients
£225+VAT - Corporation Tax unlimited clients

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By free-rider
02nd Jun 2018 19:14

Thank you for pointing it out - now found the pricing and Unlimited CT600, SA TR and Partnership TR plus prep of 50 Accounts comes to a £1,000 (VAT included). This of course is more than £400 I currently pay for Taxfiler, but the price difference is less than I expected. Will give a Tax Calcu a trial.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
04th Jun 2018 08:49

Taxcalc are hefting them up year on year

Look at VT for accounts prep rather than coughing up taxcalc money.

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By DA Baker
04th Jun 2018 11:10

When you renew Taxcalc you get a 10% discount each year. In April I paid £ 508.50 plus VAT for SA, partnership and CT. I’ve never felt the need to move away from VT and it works perfectly with Taxcalc. Last November I paid £ 150 plus VAT for VT.

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