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Taxcalc report help

Taxcalc report help

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Does anyone know if it's possible to produce a report in Taxcalc that includes:

Client Name


Total tax payment due on 31st January (including payment on account)

I don't want to have to go into each individual client to get their liability 

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By accountsman
12th Feb 2015 14:30

Taxcalc tax payment report

Have just asked this. No they don't at present so it's been added to the wish list.

I am really struggling with the report creation wizard. Not finding it at all intuitive. Even with hand holding can't get it.

I really wish they'd ask us what we agents need, rather than presenting complex and unnecessary options. Then they could 'preload' the standard and valuable reports stuff we really need, like (1) total tax due on 31st Jan including 1st POA, (2) any Tax Returns with the provisional field checked. (3) They could add a field just for us, to help us recall Returns where the accounts, or whatever, needed some follow through with the client. (4) A simple report listing all clients in 'year-ending date' order.

Anyone agree?

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