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TaxCalc software

considering moving from Digita software to TaxCalc and looking for peoples experiences on this

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I'm looking for advice/thoughts from anyone who's made the move from Digita to TaxCalc; what do they think of TaxCalc? Were there any problems in migrating data from D to T? Anything to look out for? Any limitations you came accross with TaxCalc that you weren't aware of.

We've been with Digita for 7 years; we use their accounts, tax, company secretarial, practice management and corporation tax software. We use Virtual Cabinet for document management and portal. Nearly all of our clients are on Quickbooks online, a few on Xero and Digita don't have integration with QB. We've got no audits and our biggest clients are on FRS102 1a accounts so a lot of functions we're not using in Digita accounts.

We've been recommended TaxCalc and I've seen a demo of it and quite impressed by it's look and feel. A little unsure whether the tax return software in TaxCalc is as comprehensive as Digita's Personal and Business tax. Hopefully getting a demo next month to find out for myself.

Is anyone using the GDPR and AML centre in TaxCalc and do you think those are any good?





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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
06th Oct 2019 19:00

I’ve used TaxCalc since I set up 5.5 yrs ago. It’s great for the price.

The practice management functionality is poor, I think everyone I’ve heard of uses a 3rd party for that (we use Glide).

The CoSec is pretty basic, basically just CoHo forms to be filed electronically or hardcopy. Doesn’t produce minutes, divis etc. We use InformDirect for our CoSec. We do use TaxCalc to incorporate a company though - it’s a slightly unintuitive process, but the company is then already fully in your system complete with shareholders etc. Plus you get to choose your CoHo code, unlike with InformDirect.

Integration from Accounts to Tax & back again is dead simply. Tax returns have the option of using a SimpleSteps layout which makes more sense than the HMRC layout.

There’s a new integration with Signable so you can send accounts & tax returns off for e-signature from within the software, although you can’t send anythjng else - workings/schedules etc.

We use the eAML checking, which is easy. Don’t use the GDPR or AML Centre though - both seemed a bit unwieldy and over complicated and I can’t be bothered with all that!

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
By blackdust567
06th Oct 2019 21:23

thanks for your comments on this, really helpful

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
By blainep
12th Nov 2019 10:30

Just to let you know that it is now possible to choose your own Companies House authentication code when forming a company in Inform Direct.

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By WhiteRose
06th Oct 2019 21:44

I just use TaxCalc for accounts and tax returns, can highly recommend those aspects. Seamless links between the two, and pain-free filing to Cos Hse and HMRC. Good links too with Xero, QB etc, so you can bring in the data for the year. And on the odd occasion I have had to contact them with a problem they have got straight back to me.

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By WhiteRose
06th Oct 2019 21:46


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By SXGuy
07th Oct 2019 08:34

I use TaxCalc however ive never used Digita. I moved from IRIS, and if im honest, I wish id moved over sooner. Prefer it so much more.

I like TaxCalcs checking function which alerts you to things you may have missed, or things you should consider, never had that with IRIS.

Its simpleStep process makes things even easier than trolling through a tax return.

I don't use their AML compliance section because I wanted to use something else which incorporates all of the AML compliance such as risk assessments etc, if TaxCalc were to include all of that in future updates id probably switch over to them for that also.

But in all, im really impressed with it, and its by far a lot better than anything ive previously used.

With regards to importing data, The export of data from IRIS lacked a lot of information, so it wasn't as simple as moving data from one to the other.

However, there import template made it pretty easy to populate client details and import so i was ready to proceed with the new tax year.

I don't believe theres any method as such to import past return data, so sadly i will need to keep copies of IRIS software for a few years if i need to refer back to previous submissions.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
07th Oct 2019 12:31

Taxcalc AML centre as all the risk assessments included now

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By Bob Loblaw
07th Oct 2019 10:23

Only ever used it for SA and CT returns, but it was spot on and very easy to use. The support was always very reliable when called upon as well.

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By Michael Beaver
07th Oct 2019 11:45

We moved from IRIS a few years ago and are very happy with TaxCalc. I've never used Digita, but I did find that whilst a lot easier to use, the accounts production module isn't quite as flexible.

Bear in mind that TaxCalc can't do plc or consolidated financial statements. Other than that I've been able to make it do everything else that I wanted.

We use InformDirect for company secretarial and our own system for AML.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
07th Oct 2019 12:39

We moved over a few years ago from DIgita when Digita lost the plot with the FRS102 formats and the APA.

Very happy with Taxcalc and the unlimited client pricing is appealing compared to the hike every 25 clients we used to get with Digita.

The PM part is quite basic but they are working on it, just use Senta or AM if you need something better.

I also use the cloud connect setup which allows you the access of a cloud product but the full functionality of a desktop suite.

Unless your a huge firm I cannot see the benefit of using IRIS and would not look past Taxcalc or BTC if I were you.

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By marks
09th Oct 2019 00:09

We used to use IRIS, but moved to Taxcalc in June 2018 when IRIS said the fee renewal was increasing by 37% with year on year increases of between 7-10%.

I politely declined to renew.

We used a lot of modules in IRIS;
Accounts Production
Business Tax
Personal Tax
Fixed Asset Register
Practice Management
Time and Fees

We just use Taxcalc for the following
Accounts Production
Business Tax
Personal Tax
Mail Merge (similar to Automail - not intuitive but it works after a bit of learning).

Benefits of Taxcalc
1. Cheaper than IRIS
2. Easier to use than IRIS
3. Can run accounts faster than IRIS
4. Can have multiple years and clients open at the same time when in IRIS you can only have one year and client open at a time in each module
5. Has a recommendation of disclosures you might have missed
6. Gives a summary of CT and Personal Tax liablity in a box at the top of each tab open
7. SimpleStep easy to use so you dont even need to know where on tax return the info needs to go just need to answer yes/no questions and will direct you to right place

Downside of Taxcalc over IRIS
1. Doesnt do charity accounts

And that about it from our viewpoint. We dont have any audits.

For other stuff we use the follow

Glide for workflow management and timesheets
Inform Direct for company secretarial including incorporations
Fixed Asset Register now just keep on excel spreadsheet

We also use AML in Taxcalc to verify any individual we need to verify.

For any small practice (less than 5 staff) Taxcalc is the go to software in my opinion.

For migrating from IRIS, Taxcalc did about 80% of the transfer of the basic info, eg name, address, UTR number, dates of birth, NI number etc and they exported all the trial balances for all years as CSV files and we just uploaded each clients previous years when we did their accounts for the first time on Taxcalc. Charged about £100 for the service but saved us probably a months work if we had to do it ourselves.

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