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Taxcalc to Tax Filer

Cost cutting measure

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Hi, we have been using TaxCalc for some time now and we are very happy with it. 

COVID-19, means I am looking to cut costs wherever I can. I am thinking about moving to Taxfiler. It is completely cloud based is one of its big plus points. 

I just want to know about experience of people moving from TaxCalc to Taxfier. What is it like? It has positive reviews


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By RogerHowells
08th Apr 2020 22:26

I moved the other way, from taxfiler to taxcalc.
Overall, i just prefer the slickness of taxfiler and it made me much more efficient, but unfortunately its accounts production software is limited and thats why I had to switch.

Taxfiler does not allow the ability to add accounts or rename accounts, and so seasoned clients who had seen accounts being much more descriptive from previous accountants were questioning why my P&L and balance sheet were so basic.

It is for that reason alone I had to switch.
But taxcalc is not bad at all - just will have to get used to it

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By AWeb72
08th Apr 2020 22:46

It's now owned by IRIS which means it will only go one way. You'll then need to change systems again in a few years.

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By Sheepy306
08th Apr 2020 23:27

I haven’t used either package but surely if you’re very happy with Taxcalc then why change for the sake of what is (in the scheme of things) a small cost saving. The time spent even researching this, entering all data into a new package, getting used to it, undoubtedly getting annoyed with the unfamiliar software, will cost you far more in lost and unproductive time for what is probably a short-term cash flow period.
Presumably the £10k grant you’ll be receiving will more than cover your office overheads for a decent period of time?
Stick with what you’re happy with, you’ll get through this.

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By SouthCoastAcc
09th Apr 2020 09:14

Is the price difference between the two really that large?

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Replying to SouthCoastAcc:
By AWeb72
09th Apr 2020 09:31

Not as much as it once was. And now we know that was just to grow a large customer base to be ripe for picking

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By Calculatorboy
09th Apr 2020 09:45

Looked at taxfiler , not that difficult to transfer standing data ,

But just found corporation tax clunky particularly cgt, where there were some issues (I processed same return on both taxcalc and taxfiler )

So decided price difference/ saving was not worth hassle

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By Duggimon
09th Apr 2020 10:37

The money you'll save is a few hundred quid. For the sake of that you should pick the software you like best and ignore the price, it's not a big enough saving to be worth it, the bigger savings are made in efficiency gains from using the better software.

For the sake of one afternoon of billable time you're throwing away software that works for you now for something else that may not. If you have other reasons to want to switch then try it out but if it's just price it's a mad idea, in my opinion at least.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
09th Apr 2020 14:18

Although I am a fan of Taxfiler, I would echo what others have said in that don’t forget take into account the significant cost of changing systems - particularly if you like your existing system.

I find Taxfiler great for tax, but have not, so far, felt confident about its accounts production capability. I share the first poster’s view that this capability is limiting, so I use PTP for accounts production.

Also, if you are serious about moving, I would use Taxfiler in parallel for a few months, just to ensure that it is what you expect. I know that it means paying for 2 systems for a couple of months, but Taxfiler only costs £10 + VAT per month at the very bottom tier, which should be fine for trial purposes.

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By FirstTab
09th Apr 2020 17:03

Hello, a big thank you for knocking some sense in me.

Reading the helpful response and on reflection, it would be a terrible move and not because of Tax Filer. My weak justification does not merit it.

As mentioned by Sheepy306, I have £10k coming in. It will help meet the salaries, that is the biggest concern out of the way.

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By zarar
10th Apr 2020 00:47

I've just done the opposite.

Been on Taxfiler for years, it simple and easy to use, but I hate Iris and I have found the support of late to be a bit less efficient.

I have just started using Taxcalc and much prefer it. It takes a little longer to use, but it is a lot more robust than Taxfiler

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Replying to zarar:
By AWeb72
10th Apr 2020 22:42

Exactly the same as me. A lot more to it, so the price difference is worth it. And I think when it comes to my second year of accounts prep next year it will be quicker because I can use the same template as this year.
So much more versatile.

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