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TaxCalc's Communication Centre

For repeated/reminder emails

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I am currently reviewing TaxCalc's Communication Manager module. 

I am looking at it from the perspective of scheduling automated messages. For example VAT reminders, final accounts production and SA100s. 

My first impressions are it is straightforward to set up and use. 

The current key weakness of CC is it is not able to send out automated email reminders more than once on the same topic. For example (from my blog post):

  • Just after the end of the VAT quarter  Reminder 1
  • 14 days after the quarter-end Reminder 2 
  • 30-days reminder after the quarter-end  Reminder 3

The above functionality is vital for me. This was one of the pluses for Accountancy Manager. To pay a monthly AM subscription just for the above is not viable. 


  1. What is your experience of CC? Is it of value? 
  2. What software do you use for automated email reminders to clients as laid out above?




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07th Jul 2022 17:26

Hi Ft - Interested in responses to this one as well as other I suspect. I would suggest consider texts. I am finding that clients seem to respond far better to non-reply texts, rather than emails, which tend to get ignored (and you end up phoning anyway) and have therefore tested products like Click Send.

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Replying to JD:
By FirstTab
08th Jul 2022 10:26


Thanks for Click Send suggestion. I looked at it. I could not work out whether it has the functionality of repeated auto sends eg Reminder 1, R2, R 3 etc.

I had a look at Text Magic. It has the functionality I need. I will review it in detail later.

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Replying to FirstTab:
08th Jul 2022 17:13

Click Send - As part of the automations section (time based) found towards the top of the menu on the left hand side of the screen. I have batch quarterly VAT records chase text going out as a test at the moment.

Set up your ''action'' first (the VAT chase template) and a ''contact list'' (the batch of clients to whom you wish to send the template text), then pull it together as a time based action - A bit of a faff, but it seems to work

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
08th Jul 2022 10:04

I am a taxcalc user but found so far there practice managent stuff not that good so we use Pixie which does what you are asking.

I would prefer Taxcalc to do it though as then its all under one roof.

I have not yet looked at CC but it sounds basic if it does not send a series of messages for tasks like vat etc.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By FirstTab
08th Jul 2022 10:19

I find it shocking despite my repeated requests to Taxcalc about series of email reminders functionality once again, they have left it out this out on the latest release.

They claim they talk to accountants and prioritise. I do not know of any accountants who would not want this as number one on the priority list. Without this Communication Centre is of little value.

I think Taxcalc's growth has meant it has lost touch with what small practice accountants need.

Please LISTEN TaxCalc.

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