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TaxCalcs latest offer

Different price for the same products ?

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I've just read the Taxcalc advertisement on this website announcing 15 months for the price of 12 for new customers only. 

Doesn't this offer conflict with the statement on Taxcalcs own website which says " Our pricing equality pledge means that who you are or wherever you are, you will pay the same prices for our software as everyone else. There will never be two accountants in the same town paying a different price for the same products" ?

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paddle steamer
09th Nov 2021 16:36

Well they are still paying the same price, just not the same price per month.

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By janelm
10th Nov 2021 20:22

If you use any of their unlimited packages and renew-early (before your current licence expires) they give 5% discount for each unlimited package that you have, so this at least gives something for 'loyal' renewals vs 'new' 15 months for 12 customers getting 20% discount (depending on what package that offer applies to). While the price increases do seem to mostly keep going apart from this brief freeze, I do appreciate the TaxCalc software a lot, and having only needed support about five times in a decade they have responded very quickly.

Top tip if you happen to need these packages: if you plan to early-renew (discounted) with unlimited personal tax returns, but < 50 corporation tax returns would do fine, then you would pay 698.40 as you only get a 5% early renewal offer on only the unlimited personal tax return price.
If instead you take unlimited personal tax AND unlimited CT, you pay 680.40 for this, as both packages get a 10% early renewal discount.

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