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Taxfiler - bringing forward balances issue

Taxfiler has started to do some strange things.

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We've used TF for approaching 5 years or so I'd say. Always been happy (recent price rise aside) but this year some very strange things are happening.


POA from previous year not being included in the Status page for 2019

Brought forward balance on capital allowance pool different to 2018 carried forward figure

Random "losses b/f" figures in the 2019 SE pages when there are no losses from previous years.

Each causing a big headache.

Has anyone else come across anything similar? I've spoken to their support but they haven't been great at tracking down the issues.


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By lionofludesch
29th Jan 2020 13:16

This is exactly why I work out the liabilities on paper before I enter the data on to the return.

It's so that I know the right answer before the software tells me what it thinks is the right answer.

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By pjd17mini
29th Jan 2020 17:42

Just a thought - did you roll forward last year's tax returns into 18/19 (one at a time, or using the bulk facility) before the 17/18 figures were finalised?
I've not come across the issues that you are suggesting, just trying to logically think what *could* cause it..

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By bettybobbymeggie
29th Jan 2020 19:19

It did something weird with b/fwd losses to me yesterday. I was creating a 2017/18 return and a 2018/19 return so came to the conclusion that I had done something in the wrong order and just fixed it myself. I doubt the software has a wholesale issue though.

I do find that partnership profit shares do not always flow through to individual returns and sometimes I have to unlink and relink to get it to work.

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By pjd17mini
31st Jan 2020 12:57

I'd be interested in any follow-up on this - did you get to the bottom of it?

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