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TAXFILER Direcor loan account disclosures

Taxfiler over- disclosing -'HACK'?

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Using Taxfiler to prepare Abridged  Accounts.

Multi director company.

One director had overdrawn loan account.

Need to disclose the movements, but to take advantage of the abililty not to name the director.

The  notes dialogue  section in Tax filer requires the director name to be entered, but there no ''option' it seems  to grey it or suppress for accounts  disclosure purposes.

Taxfiler support solution is:

print a pdf of the accounts

edit the pdf

obtain approval to pdf version 2 accounts


FILE by paper at companies house !

The time costs of all this would make compliant accounts production a loss making venture

This does not feel right.... a huge body of Taxfiler users would not accept  this ''solution''?

Surely TAXFiler users would want to reduce disclosure when and where available?

Taxfiler have suggested to make an ENHANCEMENT request.

Is there an   easy method/ hack to  suppress director details?

I look forward to hearing from you, is there an altenative ?

I have yet to check  how many users have requested the enhancement .





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By daniel_
08th Sep 2020 13:55

Here's something which may work for you.
VT includes a utility called 'VT Filer'. All it does is submit a file on your computer (ixbrl accounts) to Companies House.

You could download the Companies House iXBRL accounts from Taxfiler which are essentially just HTML/XML, all neatly prepared in the correct format. Since the file is just HTML you can actually make small changes using a text editor. I'd recommend Notepad++.

The text which is not within the tags is what you can safely change. It should be pretty obvious as it says "Loans to directors" and then the director's name in plain text. Change that plain text from "Joe Bloggs" to "Director A", save the file, submit using VT Filer.

Note: I have not tested this method but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

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Replying to daniel_:
By frankfx
08th Sep 2020 14:30

Thankyou, I will add that to my quiver.

I take it that you use VT. It is a good software package,though I have not used it for some time.
There may well be Taxfiler users who can share thier ''solution'' if there is one.
Taxfiler is an excellent piece of software and ,despite recent price increases, is good value.
But I was surprised that director disclosures could not be readily amended.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

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Replying to frankfx:
By daniel_
08th Sep 2020 14:35

I use VT for client bookkeeping (where they're not interested in the cloud) or to adjust the client's trial balance where they use non-cloud accounting software.

Once the TB is final I copy it to Taxfiler. I've found this is the fastest and most flexible solution.

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By frankfx
08th Sep 2020 14:48


the dialogue box is urging one to enter details via a drop down box.
Alice in Wonderland ...
Eat Me
Drink Me

I resisted temptation this time around.

and voila. Mission accomplished.

But why oh why doesn't the software ( AKA person writing the code) give helpful hints at the data entry point?

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By carnmores
11th Sep 2020 15:17

Why worry about this? In the name put A Director

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